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Craft ANY gear from slain monsters, Monster Hunting rules, 100+ new award-winning monsters, rules to play one of 45 different Dragons, a level 1-11 pirate adventure, new ancestries, backgrounds, Monster Mage and Vestige Hunter archetypes/subclasses and much more!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Wild Dragons Sneak Peek
8 months ago – Sat, Oct 02, 2021 at 07:36:10 AM

As you all know one of the Stretch Goals was the creation of a new family of dragons native to the world of Alacar and the Indigo Isles. Believe it or not, but other than a name, we had no information about these dragons when we listed this Stretch Goal. But we started their development and wanted to give everyone a small sneak peek at these new dragons.

Now keep in mind these are still in early development, and these features can change at any time, but here is what we have so far, but with that, we introduce the Wild Dragons!

Indigo Dragon -- Literally Party Monsters!
  •  Amber: Amber dragons are chatty gossips who love learning about everyone's business, sticking their noses in to help with trouble, and spreading rumors. Breath weapon is a cone of piezoelectric sand that does electricity damage.
  •  Cerulean: Love to travel, adventure, and explore things. Much less likely to have a lair than other dragons so they can be on the move. Breath weapon is a wave of water (bludgeoning damage).
  •  Harlequin: Tricksters and pranksters but also insightful about the way others think, kind of like the Fool character from a Shakespeare play has deeper wisdom than their jokes imply. Breath weapon is a cloud of poison gas.
  •  Indigo: Party dragons who love throwing festivals and parties wherever they go. They can still take things seriously if necessary, but they are always sure to take breaks to celebrate their successes. Breath weapon is thorns and flowering wild indigo petals dealing piercing damage.
  •  Vermillion:  Storytellers and purveyors of tall tales, a vermillion dragon can tell you about how they once almost found a ruby "THIIIIS BIG." They enjoy excitement and some of their stories are actually true. Breath weapon is a sneeze of spice so spicy that it causes fire damage.

These new dragons will appear in both Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons (as playable ancestries) and Jewel of the Indigo Isles (as monsters).

And don't forget, the Kickstarter ends tomorrow night, so lock in your pledge now!

Now Is Your Chance to Appear in the Next Battlezoo Bestiary! Enter the RPG Superstar 2021 Contest Today!
8 months ago – Sat, Oct 02, 2021 at 01:43:13 AM

Quick news and update summary:

  •  Kickstarter Ends Friday, October 1st, lock in savings now!
  •  Wanderer's Guide support!
  •  Fantasy Grounds support!
  •  RPG Superstar 2021 has launched!
  •  Projects we love featured today: Skinny Minis 2: An Easier Way to Mini 

You only have until Friday, October 1st to lock in your pledge, so make sure you finalize your pledge before then! With that, onto the updates!

  • We are quickly approaching the end of the Kickstarter and the response has been amazing! With all of the stretch goals and new content added to the books to date, we expect the final retail versions (the versions of these books released after the Kickstarter is over) will cost more than what they are being offered in the Kickstarter. Hence, now is the time to lock in savings on any books you might be on the fence about.
  • As you know, we have worked out a deal with Pathbuilder to integrate the Battlezoo books directly into their character-building tool. Well, we also contacted Wanderer's Guide and we will also be integrating the Battlezoo books directly into their character-building tool! We are still working out the exact details but look for more information in the near future.
  • Another popular request was Battlezoo support within Fantasy Grounds. Well, good news! We contacted Fantasy Grounds and are working on implementing Battlezoo into Fantasy Grounds. Again, we are in the early stages of this implementation, so be on the lookout for more details in the near future.
  • As we stated in a prior update, the new RPG Superstar 2021 Strange and Unusual contest has begun! So if you want to try your hand at creating a monster and having it appear in the next Battlezoo Bestiary, head on over to https://rpgsuperstar.com/ for more details!

Projects We Love - Skinny Minis 2: An Easier Way to Mini

Looking for an easier way to mini? Skinny Minis have returned to Kickstarter with hordes of monsters, minions, and terrain - at a fraction of the cost of traditional minis. 

With over 500 new Skinny Minis, tons of freebies (more unlocked every day!), 3D siege terrain, flying stands, and digital tokens, there's something for every adventurer in Skinny Minis 2!

Easy to use, simple to store, and beautifully illustrated - Skinny Minis are the perfect way to bring more minis to your table.

BACK NOW on https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/skinny-minis/skinny-minis-2-an-easier-way-to-mini 

Ginny Di as Zara the Monster Mage!
8 months ago – Sat, Oct 02, 2021 at 12:19:54 AM

I was excited to see how this would come out, and Ginny Di did not disappoint! Everyone's favorite Monster Mage Zara has been brought to life in the latest video post by the amazing D&D youtuber, cosplayer & singer Ginny Di! Check it out and spread the word! :)

Zara the Monster Mage!

The Final Countdown!
8 months ago – Tue, Sep 28, 2021 at 05:48:53 AM

Quick news and update summary:

  •  Pathbuilder support!
  •  New add-ons: Set of 8 resin minis, set of 8 mini STL files, cloth treasure map!
  •  Stretch Goals! Knocking out those goals left and right!
  •  Dragon Ancestries details!
  •  Amazing new Stretch Goals are incoming!
  •  RPG Superstar 2021 starting this week?!
  •  How to Purchase Add-ons

This is it, the last and final week of the Kickstarter. Please get out and help spread the word because the bigger the Kickstarter, the more content we can add to the books! Already the Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons book has nearly doubled in size, and if we keep adding more pages to the Jewel of the Indigo Isles I might just have to release this thing as two books (not really... I hope).

In fact, we're already talking with additional authors to help out with these books as we're adding so much additional content. If you want to help spread the word simply point people to battlezoo.com, which will redirect them right to the Kickstater. Nice and simple. But with that, let's get into the latest updates:

  • For those of you who play Pathfinder Second Edition, perhaps the most popular free character builder on the market today is Pathbuilder (found at https://pathbuilder2e.com/). Well, in the near future you'll be able to utilize the new rules found in the Battlezoo books right in Pathbuilder! That's right, we have partnered with Pathbuilder to release all of the new ancestries, backgrounds, archetypes, magic items, and more directly into Pathbuilder! Exact details are coming, but expect the new content to be integrated around the same time as the books are released. Of course, you would still need the books for all the lore, illustrations, and other details, but the base information will be integrated and allow easy character generation in the near future! Stay tuned for more details.
  • A few weeks ago we added resin minis to the Kickstarter and we achieved the Cloth Treasure Map stretch goal, and now you can add those directly as add-ons! The eight hard resin minis include several new playable ancestries/races, including the following:

    ⭐ Indigo dragon cleric — new playable ancestry/race, included in Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons.

    ⭐ G’mauyn pirate thief — parrot-people, new playable ancestry/race, included in Indigo Isles.

    ⭐ Wildfire leshy fighter — wildfire lehsy, new playable ancestry/race, included in Indigo Isles.

    ⭐ Galtzagorri sorcerer — flying fey, new playable ancestry/race, included in Indigo Isles.

    ⭐ Orpok — pig-people, new playable ancestry/race, included in Indigo Isles.

    ⭐ Chochori — coral-people, new playable ancestry/race, included in Indigo Isles.

    ⭐ Hardriggan — ram-people, new playable ancestry/race, included in Indigo Isles.

    ⭐ Kragrak — rock-people, new playable ancestry/race, included in Indigo Isles.

G’mauyn pirate thief!
  • In addition, you can also purchase all eight minis as 3d Printable STL Files with Themed Bases provided as both Supported and Unsupported files. 
  • Finally, you can also purchase the full-color Cloth Treasure Map which kicks off the Jewel of the Indigo Isles adventure as a separate add-on as well. For more information on how to purchase add-ons see later in this post.
  • People have been asking for more details about the upcoming Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons book, and we have some details! The book is still being developed, but the following is the general outline for the Pathfinder Second Edition of the book (the 5e book will be similar). As these are further developed we will provide you additional details, but for now, here is the outline:

 🐲 Book Intro

 🐲 Ancestry Intro

 🐲 Heritage Rules

 🐲 Ancestry Feats (massive section the bulk of where the dragon powers come from)

 🐲 Dragon by Dragon Lore (at least 44 pages now!)

 🐲 Archetypes

  • As this is the last week, we are going to be adding yet more amazing stretch goals, but unlike the others (which have been fairly simple to reach) we will be making these a bit more difficult. Again, help spread the word wherever you can as it's now or never! Look for those new goals shortly!
  • As many of you already know, all of the monsters from the Battlezoo Bestiary were written by non-professionals who won the RPG Superstar 2020 contest. Due to the overwhelming success of this Kickstarter, we are proud to announce the start of the next contest -- RPG Superstar 2021 Strange and Unusual! 

The contest goes live on Wednesday, September 29th, and will challenge you to create a Pathfinder Second Edition monster that is both "strange and unusual"! Check the site https://rpgsuperstar.com/for more details, but contestants can enter up to three monsters, and we have increased the number of winners! Last contest we had a total of 101 winners (which resulted in a total of 114 new monsters), now we will have 137 winners (which should result in 150 new monsters). Make sure to enter now!

And for those of you from 5e, now is a great time to learn all about Pathfinder Second Edition! The RPG Superstar website will help you generate your monster and you can see all of last year's winning entries on the site. And, of course, the Roll For Combat community is extremely friendly and helpful, simply head on over to the Roll For Combat Discord channel  https://discord.rollforcombat.com/ to discuss your ideas or ask for help learning all about Pathfinder Second Edition.

Trust me, it's quite straightforward and just as much fun as 5e!

How to Purchase Add-ons

  • Make a pledge by selecting one of the tiers on the right.
  • Click "Manage Your Pledge".
  • Click "Change Your Pledge".
  • Change your total pledge amount to the total of your tier plus the add-ons you wish to purchase.  For example, if your original pledge was $39 and you wanted to add the Ancestries: Dragon PDF for $20, you would change your total pledge amount to $59. 
  • Click "Configure Reward" and select the add-ons you wish to add to your pledge.
  • Click "Continue" and you are done!

Stretch Goals Galore and RPG Superstar 2021?
8 months ago – Wed, Sep 22, 2021 at 11:11:42 AM

Quick news and update summary:

  •  New add-on: Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons for Foundry VTT
  • Double Dragon! Stretch Goal incoming
  • It Goes to 11! Stretch Goal details
  • Amazing new Stretch Goals are incoming
  •  RPG Superstar 2021 starting soon? Very soon? 
  • Projects we love featured today: Tanares RPG - 5e 

We are back from GenCon and we are about to enter the home stretch of the Kickstarter with only 10 days left... time to kick it up a notch! Ready... here we go.

  • First, we added a new add-on to the list. You can now purchase the Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragon book for Foundry VTT for $14 ($6 off the list price) in the add-ons section. To add this to your order simply click "Manage Your Pledge", Confirm your pledge tier (you can just leave that alone if you aren't changing it) click "Continue", select any add-ons that you want and click "Continue", and then you should be all done!
  • Plus, we are working closely with some of the Foundry system developers to integrate all of the Battlezoo products into Foundry VTT. We have already started developing our VTT integrations to ensure that those are released at the same time as the books and the initial tests have been looking great!
  • Next, many new and exciting Stretch Goals are on the horizon with the biggest goal coming up next, Double Dragon! and the addition of at least 44 new pages of lore to Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons and artwork for every dragon ancestry! That's a lot of dragons, but we are confident that adding this much content won't jeopardize the final product's launch date. We even started on some of the artwork with a sneak peek of the bronze dragon:
  • The other big Stretch Goal that was just reached was the It Goes to 11! Stretch Goal. I was reviewing the Jewel of the Indigo Isles adventure path and thought it could use just one more level of adventuring so that the PCs could fully experience the thrilling conclusion at levels 10-11 and take on some truly horrific encounters. With the Stretch Goal reached, we have added an additional level to the second book, Voyage to Runaway Reef, thereby having it run from levels 4-7, with Battle at Barnacle Bay now occurring during levels 8-11. And those people worried about scope creep, don't fret, we have this all planned out, and there is a huge advantage working with professional RPG developers, they can easily handle the addition of another level and not delay the project.
  • We are also about to add some truly incredible Stretch Goals, including new familiars written by Linda Zayas-Palmer (who wouldn't want a Shale Hatchling, Wildfire Leshy, Seafoam Spirit, Mechanical Parrot, or Embersap Ooze familiar?), yet MORE new playable ancestries, new archetypes, and many many more exciting goals. And in case you were wondering what an Embersap Ooze familiar might look like, check out our Wildfire Leshy Wizard with their Embersap Ooze familiar!
  • Next, as many of you know the Battlezoo Bestiary was a direct result of winning entries from people who submitted to the RPG Superstar 2020 contest. For those unfamiliar with the contest, nearly anyone could enter a Pathfinder Second Edition monster into the contest, which was then voted on by a mixture of professional and public voters. The final winning entries were turned into the monsters featured in the upcoming Battlezoo Bestiary book. With that being said, we are looking to start the NEXT RPG Superstar Contest soon... very soon. I'll just leave this here for now, but look for more details in the next few... days?

Projects We Love - Tanares RPG - 5e

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard about this Kickstarter. With legendary participants, such as Ed Greenwood (the creator of Forgotten Realms), Amy Vorpahl, Bruce Nesmith (Skyrim’s lead designer), Tanares RPG - 5e promises to be one of the greatest projects of the year for 5e.

Almost 1,000 pages of options for beginners and entertainment for experts. A scarred world of complex geography. Unforgettable adventure path, characters, dungeons, and experiences. VTT-ready content. Plus more, much more...”

Make sure to check out this massive campaign:

  •  It has already raised more than U$1,500,000.00
  •  The campaign ends soon, so make sure to check it out shortly!
  •  Plus, they have masterfully-sculpted miniatures of all kinds!

BACK NOW on https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dragorigames/tanares-rpg?ref=f4o2vp

Tanares RPG - 5e