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Craft ANY gear from slain monsters, Monster Hunting rules, 100+ new award-winning monsters, rules to play one of 45 different Dragons, a level 1-11 pirate adventure, new ancestries, backgrounds, Monster Mage and Vestige Hunter archetypes/subclasses and much more!

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Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons PF2 for Foundry VTT is is Now Available! And More Updates!
14 days ago – Tue, May 03, 2022 at 12:00:32 AM

Battlezoo Ancestries Dragons PF2 for Foundry VTT is Now Available!

Celebrate, now you can make a Dragon PC in Foundry!

Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons for PF2 and Foundry VTT —We know that a lot of people have been waiting patiently for the Dragon Ancestry to be implemented in Foundry VTT, and after a lot of testing and work, we are proud to release this module today! Everyone who pre-ordered the module should have received a key by now by email. If you haven't ordered this module yet, make sure to get it now before the price increases!

Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons for Pathbuilder 2e —Or course we wanted to make it as simple as possible for Pathfinder players to create a dragon PC for their game, so we teamed up with Pathbuilder 2e once again to have all the Dragon Ancestry rules implemented directly into their tool. And best of all, it's completely free! Make sure to check it out today! (and also be on the lookout for implementation in the Wander's Guide as well!)

Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons for 5E PDF and Hardcover Book — The work for this book has been completed by our 5E and we are currently in the process of editing and playtesting. We will start to do the layout of the book shortly and hope to have it out either by the end of the month or early June, depending upon playtester feedback. As always, we will keep you up-to-date on the progress as it gets closer to release, but we are in the home stretch!

Battlezoo Bestiary for Pathfinder Second Editon Hardcover Book — The boat from China just pulled into port today. Here is the plan for this book and all future hardcover books:

  • The shipment needs to clear customs.
  • After customs, the books will be shipped to our warehouse in Portland, OR.
  • During this time, we will put out the last call to lock in your shipping address on your orders.
  • Anyone who ordered just the Battlezoo Bestiary for PF2 will have their book shipped to them right away.

We expect to put out additional updates as the books reach each step in the process to keep everyone up to date.

Battlezoo Bestiary for Pathfinder 5E Hardcover Book — The boat from China just left port and is heading to the States! We expect that this book will probably ship approximately 6 weeks after the PF2 book. Right now, there isn't much we can do other than wait for the ship to arrive in port.

Look at those awesome proofs!

Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons for Pathfinder Second Editon Hardcover Book — We just received the signature proofs from the printer today and will be approving them shortly. The book should then be printed and shipped in a few weeks and will be right behind the Battlezoo Bestiary for 5E hardcovers.

Jewel of the Indigo Isles for PF2 and 5E — There are a lot of updates for this product as we are nearing completion of the book (finally). Here is the overview:

  • The entire adventure has been completed and is going through final editing and review. There are three adventures in total and the first two are complete, we are currently working on the third adventure, and that should be completed in a few weeks.
  • At the same time, we have David N. Ross and our entire 5E working on converting the PF2 adventure for 5E. David was responsible for converting Paizo's Abomination Vaults from PF2 to 5E and we are ecstatic to have him on the team doing our conversion.
  • What this means is that the 5E adventure should be completed right after the PF2 version, so we will be able to release them at nearly the same time!
  • We are also working on the Player's Guide, which will contain ... a lot. All the new ancestries, new backgrounds, new archetypes, information about The Balance, history of the Isles and so much more. This book will be completed at the same time as the adventure with both being released at the same time.
  • As always, once the adventure is complete, we will release it right away to everyone as a PDF and then work on the hardcover book immediately after.
  • A little FYI, there are over a hundred pieces of art for this adventure, dozens of high-quality maps, and the main adventure is approximately 200k words in length. We are working really, really hard to make this an epic classic adventure, and I hope the wait will show in the final product.
  • One note, the cloth treasure map for the Indigo Isles will be printed at the same time as the hardcover books.
The Orpok mini!

Set of 8 Printable STL Mini Files & Resin Miniatures — We had 5 of the 8 ancestries done, but then we hit a snag and our artist had to cancel the project. The good news is that we found a team, the same team that does most of the WizKids minis, and they are finishing up the project! They recently finished the orpok mini as you can see above, and they are now quickly finishing the other two. Once all are complete, we can release the STL files and will have the miniatures printed and added to everyone's orders as their books go out.

Hunter's Dice Case, Die-Cut Vinyl Monster Stickers, & Hard Enamel Monster Pins — All of these items are all in the warehouse and ready to go! They will automatically be included in your order if you are set to receive them.

Battlezoo Ancestries: Dungeons for 5E — You didn't think we forgot about you, did we? As you might remember, Mark and I created the Battlezoo Ancestries: Dungeons for PF2 in one day for April Fools' Day. Of course, we need to create the same ancestry for 5E, and we are hard at work finishing this up. We should have it released for free at the same time as the Dragon Ancestry book for 5E.

PaizoCon 2022 — And finally, both Stephen Glicker and Mark Seifter will be attending PaizoCon in person this year, including a few others from the Roll For Combat team. We will be presenting in multiple panels and Stream each of these panels on our YouTube channel for all to see. So stay tuned for additional information about these panels in the very near future!

Okay, that was a lot. As always if you have any questions please write us and we'll get back to you right away!

After the amazing success of our Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons book we are proud to announce the next book in the Battlezoo Ancestries line — DUNGEONS!
about 1 month ago – Sat, Apr 02, 2022 at 04:44:49 PM

Battlezoo Ancestries: Dungeons — OUT NOW!

Free with all Battlezoo orders! (yes this is a real book, and you can actually play a dungeon in your next Pathfinder game!)

With Battlezoo Ancestries Dungeons, the power of dungeons is in your hands. With the dungeon ancestry, play as a dungeon who awakened to sentience and then sapience, with a life force, a spirit, and even an avatar that you can use to interact with the world. Five heritages allow you to play all sorts of dungeons, from an archipelago where each “floor” is a separate island to a mysterious labyrinth or dank caverns, from a tower ascending to the heavens to an ancient tree.   

Call forth familiars or hazards from your dungeon, challenge the dungeon within you to learn more about your inner self and unlock special benefits for you and your allies, or even conquer one of the floors inside your dungeon and become an overlord, setting up a home away from home where monsters and traps wait on you. Never before have you been able to play as the dungeon!  

See what these Pathfinder luminaries are saying about Battlezoo Ancestries: Dungeons!

"Wow! This is definitely a product!"

—Luis Loza, Paizo Senior Developer 

"Ever thought to yourself, hey, there aren't enough dungeon crawls in this game? Be the dungeon, and explore the adventure inside... yourself? This got philosophical all of a sudden..."

—Linda Zayas-Palmer, Paizo Development Manager 

"I was told there would be a cheese platter?" 

—Eleanor Ferron, Paizo Senior Developer

Battlezoo Ancestries Dragons for Pathfinder is Now Available! And Battlezoo Bestiary 5E Update!
about 2 months ago – Thu, Mar 31, 2022 at 02:57:35 PM

Battlezoo Ancestries Dragons for Pathfinder is Now Available!

Hazzah! The book is complete!

We promised we would finish the book and release it by March... and we did it (with one day to spare!). I am immensely proud of this book, and I think everyone will get years of enjoyment from this book—including myself! I always wanted to play a dragon PC, and now I can!

You should have received an email telling you that the book was released via PDF, but if you didn't, you can log in to your Backer account to download the PDF today. You can also access your account here if you are having issues with the link above: https://www.backerkit.com/are_you_a_backer.

Ginny Di Has Been Selected As Our Guest Dragon Author!

For those who remember, the very last stretch goal of the original Kickstarter was that we would find "someone famous" to design our 45th and final dragon for Battlezoo Ancestries Dragons. Well, we are proud to announce that Ginny Di—singer, YouTuber, cosplayer, tabletop gaming nerd, and super-cool person—was invited to design the final dragon for the book. In fact, you can see the result of her hard work in the book today!

We also have two videos highlighting the design process. In the first video, Mark Seifter and Stephen Glicker sat down with Ginny Di to discuss her dragon concept and how it should appear within the Battlezoo Ancestries Dragons.  You can watch that video here!

Watch Part 1 of our two-part series where Ginny Di designs a dragon!

Update for Battlezoo Ancestries Dragons 5E

As for the 5E version of the Battlezoo Ancestries Dragons book, we have already started the conversion. The good news is that the conversion should go much faster than the Battlezoo Bestiary as we have fewer things to convert to 5E and we have already been working on this conversion over the past few months. We expect the 5E version of this book to be out within the next 6–8 weeks. As always, we will continue to provide updates as we work on the conversion.

Battlezoo Bestiary 5E v2 is Out Now!

We also used this time to release an updated version of the Battlezoo Bestiary for 5E. We suggest that everyone download this version as there was a large mistake in the costs for Table 6 in the first version. In addition to updating this table, there are dozens of small layout changes throughout the book to make it easier to read and use at the table. You can find all the changes listed in our release notes.

As always, here is the general update:

Battlezoo Bestiary Hardcover Books — Books are on their way from China. Once they reach our warehouse I'll let everyone know. Hopefully, by the end of April, they will arrive.

Jewel of the Indigo Isles Adventure Path & Player's Guide — 95% of the artwork has been completed and half of the maps. We are currently editing and finalizing the adventure and the layout should start shortly, which will take a while since it's a MASSIVE book! Now that our first two books are nearly done, we will be focusing most of these updates on the Jewel of the Indigo Isles Adventure Path & Player's Guide... and our next Kickstarter!

Live Weekly With Stephen & Mark! — Don't forget to check out our weekly live YouTube show where we discuss various RPG topics! Recent guests have included Nonat1s and Derik from Kings of Last Call.

Our latest episode, check it out!

Fantasy Grounds Update & Dragon Update
2 months ago – Sat, Mar 05, 2022 at 12:40:43 AM

The Battlezoo Brine Dragon has News For You!

We are chugging right along with the releases and we have several updates for everyone!

Battlezoo Bestiary for PF2 & Fantasy Grounds

A lot of people were asking for this, and we listened! Earlier this week the Pathfinder Battlezoo Bestiary was released for Fantasy Grounds! Fantasy Grounds handles their own ordering, so you can purchase this module from this link: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/store/product.php?id=IPFGPF2SSIBB.

We are also in the process of converting the Battlezoo Bestiary for 5E as well, so expect to see that in the near future.

Battlezoo Bestiary for PF2 & Roll20

We ALSO released the Pathfinder Battlezoo Bestiary for Roll 20 to everyone who pre-ordered it. You should have received your redemption code by now. If not, please contact me and I'll get that straightened out right away! For those who received their code, here are full instructions on how to redeem your code.

For those who didn't pre-order the Battlezoo Bestiary for PF2 and Roll20, the link to allow anyone to order this will be going live next week. I will make sure to let everyone know when that is live, but on the lookout for that next week.

Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons

All of the content and artwork is done! We are simply going through the last round of playtesting and editing, but the PDF of the book for Pathfinder is on target to be released this month. In the meantime, Mark has been posting small spoilers from the book at the Pathfinder Reddit channel on a weekly basis, you can view this week's entry, the Silver Dragon, right here! Make sure to stay tuned to the Discord Reddit as Mark will be posting regular updates until the book is finally released.

As always, here is the general update:

Battlezoo Bestiary Hardcover Books — Both books are currently being printed at our plant in China (we are using the same plant that Paizo uses) and they should be placed on the boat shortly. For those who have just the Battlezoo Bestiary ordered, those will be shipped as soon as they arrive in the warehouse. We are hoping to have those out to everyone within the next 6 weeks, but it's hard to say with the currently shipping logjam. Again, as we know where the shipment is we'll let you know as well.

Battlezoo Bestiary 5E VTT — The PDF has been out for a few weeks and we are working on the support materials as well. The Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, and Foundry versions are all under development and are moving right along. We should have more details by the next update as they should be closer to release by then.

Jewel of the Indigo Isles Adventure Path & Player's Guide — With the Dragon book nearly complete, all of our efforts will be turned to finishing these books. As you might have heard, they have gotten quite large in size. The adventure itself is looking to be around 200k words, so editing and layout for this book is going to take a while. But we expect to start this process in earnest in the next two weeks.

Live Weekly With Stephen & Mark! — Don't forget to check out our weekly live YouTube show where we discuss various RPG topics! Join us on March 8th, at 2 pm EST with our special guest Nonat1! Our topic this week:

The NEXT Kickstarter?

We are also quietly preparing for our next Kickstarter, which we expect to launch this summer. With Mark Seifter onboard full-time, our ability to produce books has significantly increased. A few sneak peeks:

  •  Battlezoo Bestiary Strange and Unusual — Bigger, bolder, stranger, this is the next book in our Battlezoo Bestiary line and will have even more monsters than our prior book. Plus a few extra surprises!
  •  Mystery Book #1 — If you like what you see in the Dragon Ancestires book, you are going to like this book a lot! More to come! 
  •  Mystery Book #2 — We have been planning for this book for years and it was helped convince Mark to come and join Roll For Combat full time. When you hear about this book and everything it can do to enhance your game as both a GM and PC, I think you (and all your RPG friends) will be very excited. We plan to start releasing small information about this book in the coming months, but trust me, you are going to like it! :)

Battlezoo Bestiary 5E Has Been Released!
3 months ago – Tue, Feb 15, 2022 at 02:08:24 AM

Battlezoo Bestiary 5E is Out Now!

I just wanted to give everyone a big thank you to everyone who has been patient while we finalized the Battlezoo Bestiary for 5E! We have been working non-stop these last few weeks to get this book out to everyone, and we are pleased to finally release the book to everyone TODAY!

You should have received an email telling you that the book was released via PDF, but if you didn't, you can log in to your Backer account to download the PDF today. You can also access your account here if you are having issues with the link above: https://www.backerkit.com/are_you_a_backer.

Battlezoo Bestiary Pathfinder v4 is Out Now!

Not to be outdone, we also updated the Battlezoo Bestiary for Pathfinder to version 4. There are a few small layout issues to make the PDF easier to read, but we did update some of the monsters as well. We are also in the process of updating the various VTT options as well to include these changes. You can find all changes listed in our release notes.

Battlezoo Bestiary Review!

The Knights of Last Call published a review of the Battlezoo Bestiary today and... I think they liked it! Check it out!

As always, here is the general update:

Battlezoo Bestiary Monster Parts System 5E — The PDF was just released, next is the hardcover copy of the book. As soon as it's shipped from China and in port we'll let you know!

Battlezoo Ancestries: Dragons — The book is nearly done and is currently going through editing and layout now. We added a few additional larger art pieces to the book to fill out some of the pages, and we'll continue to update everyone with our progress.

Battlezoo Bestiary PF2 for Fantasy Grounds & Roll20 — The Fantasy Grounds version is under review and should be released ANY day now. The same goes for the Roll20 version. The final release of both products is largely out of our hands, but we will inform everyone as soon as they are read and released.

Jewel of the Indigo Isles Adventure Path & Player's Guide — With both versions of the Battlezoo Bestiary complete and the Dragon book nearly complete as well, we will be focusing more time on these books and will provide additional updates. Overall the adventure itself is looking to approach 200k words and will have hundreds of illustrations. This thing is going to be a monster when it's released.

The adventure itself will take no longer to complete than any regular adventure, we simply added a ton of lore, history, options, and materials for the GM to make this world their own. We also made sure to add "connective tissue" between adventure locations, which is usually the very first thing to go in any published adventure. As someone who runs Adventure Paths nearly exclusively, we wanted to make sure that if you were doing to dedicate a year or so of your life playing this one adventure, you were going to get something fantastic that was fun for both the GMs and the players. Trust me, this thing is going to be epic.

And then we have the Player's Guide which is looking to be another 100+ pages in itself! Yeah, this is going to be big.